The Good News Project

I am going to show you a simple project I did over the course of a year and give you its results. I hope to convince you to do the same project for yourself. 


Each morning ask the question:


God, what is the thing you most wish I knew today?


Then spend time with God so He can answer your question.



This project rests upon three basic premises:


premise 1: Jesus is a teacher.

premise 2: Jesus will always tell us the truth.

premise 3: Jesus likes to answer questions.


Jesus said – You call me the Teacher and the Lord, and well you say, for I am. John 13:13


Jesus said – I am the way and the truth and the life. John 14:6   I speak the truth. John 8:45


privately to his disciples Jesus explained all things.  Mark 4:34b


Additional help

Ask God:

Where should I read in the bible today?


Read the book and chapter that comes to mind.


Ask God:

What do you want me to see and understand?


Underline words that catch your attention.


Ask God for help:

I don’t understand these verses. Would you please explain this to me in as simple of terms as you would to a young child?


A basic observation

When God tells you something he most wants you to know, you will know something important which you did not know the day before.


Thanks for reading to this point

My project results begin on the next page. If you want to stop here and do the project for yourself rather than read my results, you now have all the instructions you need to have a successful project of your own.


One of my observations is that the value of the project increases with time, the discoveries at the end of the year are greater than those at the first of the year. God used each day to build a foundation of things I knew and then daily he built higher. The process is simple. Where it takes you is somewhere remarkable.


Click here to read my project results