Dee Henderson Book List (as of February 6, 2022)




The Good News Project

Jesus: the Truth and the Life

Jesus: our Savior and Redeemer

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ


Finding Jesus, Finding Life

the 4 non-fiction bible study titles from 2019-2021 in one hardback format

The Good News Project, Jesus truth and life, Jesus our savior and redeemer,

and being a disciple of Jesus Christ


Read one or the other

Healing is by Grace Alone - non-fiction

An Unfinished Death - fiction






The O’Malley Series

#1 The Negotiator – Kate and Dave

#2 The Guardian – Shari and Marcus

#3 The Truth Seeker – Lisa and Quinn

#4 The Protector – Cassie and Jack

#5 The Healer – Rachel and Cole

#6 The Rescuer – Meghan and Stephen

Danger in the Shadows (prequel - Dave’s story)

Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story (prequel - Jennifer’s backstory)


Full Disclosure – Ann and Paul Falcon

Unspoken – Charlotte and Bryce Bishop

Undetected – Gina and Mark Bishop

Taken – Shannon and Matthew Dane


Evie Blackwell Stories

Traces of Guilt

Threads of Suspicion


Military Stories

True Devotion

True Valor

True Honor


Various Other Titles


The Witness

Before I Wake

The Marriage Wish

God’s Gift


Short Stories

“Missing” in anthology Sins of the Past

“Betrayed” in anthology The Cost of Betrayal